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"I have used MaxSold's services personally in relation to one of my parent's estate and I have also used these services professionally in my role as a lawyer. When dealing with an estate using MaxSold allows beneficiaries who may be at a distance to view the goods and the bidding process on line. On a personal and professional level I would indicate that my experience with MaxSold has been quite satisfactory and have found them to deal with the particular matters that I have been involved with on a professional and efficient basis."

- John Black, Black & Black Barristers & Solicitors

Client's Testimonials

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Advantages your clients will enjoy

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MaxSold managed

Using our MaxSold Managed option, your client would take care of setting up for the auction by deciding which items they want to keep and which items will go for sale. MaxSold team would then come in to complete all the cataloging, photography, product marketing, deal with potential buyers and handle the collection of payments.

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Seller managed

With Seller manager option your client will take care of the set-up and cataloging himself, without having MaxSold team on the ground. Your client needs to decide what is for sale, then use our app to catalog the items and upload them to our server. After the auction is approved and launched, MaxSold will then provide the product marketing, deal with potential buyers and handle the collection of payments.

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Sell everything simply

With our process, 98% of everything listed sells within 2 weeks. No haggling with individual buyers, no dealing with money at the door and no one coming through your clients home unattended to look at the items they may never buy. We are as transparent as possible, giving a detailed report of every item and what it sold for. Your client will be paid within 14 business days of the auction closing.

MaxSold Benefits for Your Fiduciary Duty

Are you protected?

All the traditional mechanisms leave estate professionals with challenges in meeting some or all of their fiduciary responsibilities. From an estate professional's perspective, the MaxSold process is easy to use and easy to document for due care of your fiduciary responsibilities.


Detailed Documentation & Full transparency

Detailed documentation trail for every item sold and everyone can follow auction online while it is in progress. MaxSold also leaves all past auctions available to view on our website and gives the seller a detailed report of what sold, who purchased it and how much they bought it for.


Fair Market Value

Fair market value through competitive bidding by multiple interested bidders.


Safe and secure

Goods are secure throughout the auction process. Only winning bidders arrive on-site to pick up their purchases after an ID check. MaxSold buyers are escorted by either a MaxSold team member, or your team the entire time they are in the property. We don't even have to publish the address of the auction if that is a preference.


Fast results

From start to finish, the process takes 2 weeks and can be even quicker if needed. In that timeframe MaxSold sells, on average, 98% of everything listed.

Going from listed to sold

(In only 11 days)

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When is MaxSold an Ideal Fit?

A Good Fit...

  • Client has lots to sell with a timeline in mind
  • Client doesn't have time for craigslist and eBay
  • Client wants someone to cherish the items they have cherished for years

A Bad Fit...

  • Client only has a few items to sell
  • Client has lots of time to sell items
  • Items are in a storage unit with no options to spread them out

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