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Move Managers & Professional Organizers

"Getting rid of stuff is the hardest part of our job and the biggest part of our job. MaxSold has given us the answer."

Move Manager and Organizer Testimonials

No actors and no scripts. Just honest on-the-spot testimonials from our happy partners.

Advantages you'll enjoy

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MaxSold managed

Using our MaxSold Managed option, you as an organizer or move manager would take care of setting up for the auction as you provide them with your other services. MaxSold would then come in to complete all the cataloging, photography, product marketing, deal with potential buyers and handle the collection of payments.

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Seller managed

Using our Seller Managed option, you give the client the most cohesive experience while using MaxSold as the sale of goods platform to clear the home. Once the client knows what is for sale, you can use our app with just yourself and/or your team to catalog the items and upload them to our server. MaxSold provides the product marketing, deals with potential buyers and handles the collection of payments.

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Sell everything simply

With our process, 98% of everything listed sells within 2 weeks. No haggling with individual buyers, no dealing with money at the door and no one coming through your clients home unattended to look at the items they may never buy. We are as transparent as possible, giving a detailed report of every item and what it sold for. Your client will be paid within 14 business days of the auction closing.

Advantages Your Clients Will Enjoy


Fast results

From start to finish, the process takes 2 weeks and can be even quicker if needed. In that timeframe MaxSold sells, on average, 98% of everything listed.


Full transparency

MaxSold leaves all past auctions available to view on our website and gives the seller a detailed report of what sold, who purchased it and how much they bought it for.


An unintrusive experience

Unlike a traditional estate sale, buyers of a MaxSold auction only come to the sellers home once the items have been paid for.


Great low rates

With competitive rates and only a 30% commission, MaxSold is a low cost sale of goods service.


A complete solution for selling everything

MaxSold sells almost anything you can find in a home. From cleaning supplies under the sink to cars in the driveway, you can clear a whole house easily.


Safe and secure

MaxSold buyers are escorted by either a MaxSold team member, or a professional organizer the entire time they are in a sellers home. We don't even have to publish the address of the auction if that is a preference.


Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Whether a seller is interacting with a MaxSold team member on the ground, a member of our support staff or a partnering organizer they are sure to have a pleasant experience.


We sell everything, no "cherry picking"

MaxSold doesn't "cherry pick" items so sellers can include almost anything they wish to sell. MaxSold will also send an auction draft to each seller to edit any descriptions, take away items they've made other plans for or even add photos.

Going from listed to sold

(In only 11 days)

What people are saying about us

When is MaxSold an Ideal Fit?

A Good Fit...

  • Client has lots to sell with a timeline in mind
  • Client doesn't have time for craigslist and eBay
  • Client wants someone to cherish the items they have cherished for years

A Bad Fit...

  • Client only has a few items to sell
  • Client has lots of time to sell items
  • Items are in a storage unit with no options to spread them out

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