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"When the MaxSold team came to my Sunkist home I was apprehensive. I am a senior, a wife and widow of a veteran. After 18yrs, and now trying to sell my home I was totally stressed. I am now finishing up my third book 'MY ETERNITY IN TIME' and one of the poems (see below) will be dedicated to the "Four Angels" that came to my home and to all the MaxSold staff that was so kind, supportive of helping me when I needed a question answered or help. With all my heart thank you."
- Carol Coles-Linn


Four angels came today,
Not with wings as humans say,
But compassion for a widows woes,
Organized her dwelling place of things,
Needed to be sold.

A widows things no one could know,
Things with value of love untold,
Things of joy, love, companionship,
In each and every soul.

A home -- if things had tongues,
It could be told -- bring tears, of joy,
To human's souls.

A widow had four angels come today,
And organized her things to give away,
They left her not silent or alone,
But listened to what silent voices say.

Things will live in others homes,
And give pleasure to those,
Who take her things away.

Four Angels came today
And lifted a widows lonely day.

To Jeff, John, Heather, Sheri and everyone all the MaxSold team. Continued success.

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