FREE Product Ninja App for Cataloging a MaxSold Online Auction

MaxSold Ninja App is the tool to catalog your MaxSold online auction.


Use the icons below to get the FREE MaxSold Ninja HD App for Cataloging a MaxSold Online Auction


NOTE: AuctionID NOT required to submit your catalog.

The ONLY approved Android platforms are newer versions of Samsung, Pixel and LG. Use of any other android devices may result in an upload failure and loss of cataloging/photography (so please send a test catalog with pictures to make sure it works first).

This app does not support following Apple devices:

  • iPhone - X, Xs, Xs Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max
  • iPad Pro (all generations)

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Recently we upgraded the app and added some features to it.

Here is the list of new 2019 features in the app:


1. Upload photos from gallery: By pressing 'Add new photo', user will now be able to choose to take new pictures from in-app camera or upload pictures straight from their phone gallery

2. Activate/Deactivate Flash Button: Switch on/off the flash with a dedicated button

3. Exit Camera: Exit the in-app camera with a dedicated 'X' button on top right

4. All pictures visible in the image gallery: No more hidden pictures in the gallery

5. Catalog saved at every step: Catalog will now be saved if user presss ‘Home’ button or locks the phone in the middle of cataloging, or if app closes for any other reason (incoming call, text message and etc).

6. Category Buttons (A|B|C): There will be a space added after the description automatically. Also, the corresponding text will change on changing the button.

7. Thumbnail for the lot: First image will be the display thumbnail for a lot instead of any random image

8. Position of "Delete" button on Image view page: This has been moved to the right and 'Cancel' has been moved to center position (as it is on every other page) to avoid the mistaken clicking of Delete button instead of the Cancel button.

9. Confirmation message pop-up on 'Delete' function: User will get a pop-up confirmation message on pressing 'Delete' button for an image to confirm their action.

10. Special character, hyphen/dash (-) added: Now 4 special characters are allowed in both Title and Descriptions: dot/period(.) comma(,) colon(:) hyphen/dash(-)

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