Re-purposing The Wheel - Thinking Outside the Box #5

I'm sure we have got a few readers out there who are super creative, imaginative, DIY, re-vamping, savants, but if by chance you're not then keep an eye out for our tips! When buying used, there is more to an item than what meets the eye.

It's time to reinvent the wheel! Looking through the DYI sites I started to notice a trend in re-purposing the wheel. If you often peruse our MaxSold site you notice that some bicycles and tires can sell for cheap! Which make these high impact DIYs super thrifty!

First up check out this awesome stool that someone made using an old tire and rope. This would look great in either a beach themed living room or great for outdoor seating in the summer.

Re-purposing The Wheel - Recycled tire, this would be great to create more seating or a foot rest...maybe for outside?

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This is probably the best steam-punk style clock I have seen in a while. If you have a blank wall that needs a conversation piece this is exactly what I would have.

Re-purposing The Wheel - DIY-Bicycle-Clock

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This last DIY from justimagine. It shows what you can create with a little bit of patience and an rusty bike wheel.

Re-purposing The Wheel - Old Bike Wheels Reused!  I could so do this....just get a strand of lights from lowes!!

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