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You put us all at ease.

- Kathie Wood, Harvey Kalles Real Estate

We will be recommending MaxSold to everyone we know that are downsizing or moving.

- George Chisholm, Royal Lepage

Extremely relevant for our agents and our sellers...

- Bill Myers, Keller Williams

We will do business again In the future. I deal with many seniors and you are a perfect fit for their needs.

- Linda Bridges, Royal LePage

Provided a full report of everything that sold and the prices they sold for.

- Aidan Murphy, Sutton Group Heritage Realty

My clients get all their things sold, get good prices, easily, and within their tight time frames.

- Tracy Arnett, Tracy Arnett Realty Ltd., Brokerage

Very impressed...

- Leila Petrook, Sales Representative Bosley Real Estate Ltd.

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Perfect for the clients wanting to downsize from the home they are currently in and sell their items in a simplified format.

- Craig Oshrin, Sotheby's International Realty


The benefits of the auction process include that it is arms-length, can sell almost anything and everything transparently as prices are set by competitive bidding, and provides the seller with prompt payment.


  1. When a client is moving from a large space to a much smaller one.
  2. Estates where many things have to be sold.
  3. Moving to retirement home, apartment, or smaller house.
  4. Goods are diverse in nature. In other words, we sell 95% of what 95% of people making this type of move have to sell.


  1. When a client cannot move out at least ten days prior to house closing.
  2. When the condo will not allow a "soft" event on site.


  1. Ability to provide value to clients by a simple referral.
  2. Solid, professional solution for what to do with the goods that you can rely on. Since we are an online company, we are very vulnerable to public opinion. We have to be good at what we do, and do what we say. We are a safe solution for you.
  3. More leads for you. Since many of our sellers need some of a real estate solution, we will have work for you in servicing our clients.


  1. Get a return on more items - more of their items will sell from their home vs moving them to be sold.
  2. Most common place items will bring more when sold from the home.
  3. Easy and convenient for other family members to participate- bid and buy things.
  4. Fully managed- no work for them.
  5. No "loss" of items. Easy to track. No co mingling of goods with those of others.
  6. Transparent process. Everything is visible- and remains that way. No doubt about collection or payment. All records are digital. All reports are generated from the same data. High integrity test.
  7. Values arrived at through competitive bidding. NO "favourites". No reward for showing up first. No one gains advantage over another at your client's expense.
  8. Good for the environment. Promotes reuse of goods. Better than recycling. Reduces carbon footprint of requiring everything be moved twice. More goods get "saved" from landfill.

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