How to Sell Your Home Faster When Downsizing...

Smart Marketing Tips: How to Sell Your Home Faster When Downsizing

On average, the typical US home spends between 65 and 93 days on the market from listing to closing, according to a report by Zillow. However, it may take a much longer time than that to sell your home depending on the type of market you are selling in, the condition of the property, its location, and the type of home it is. When you are downsizing, you may not have the luxury to wait for months to find a willing buyer for your home. One way to find a buyer faster without knocking down the price is by increasing your marketing efforts. Luckily, there are various marketing tips and tricks you can use to find a buyer quickly so that you can finally move into a smaller, more manageable home. 


Focus on Home Staging

Home staging is all about arranging your home to look as desirable as possible to potential buyers. The main aim of home staging is to create a great first impression of your home to every person that walks in and to give them an idea of what they are getting if they decide to buy the home. There are many things you can do when staging a home, and it will all depend on your budget. You can start by cleaning every inch of your home thoroughly to get rid of any dirt stains and odors, particularly in the kitchen and bathrooms. Decluttering is also vital when home staging. Too much clutter distracts buyers from the home's best features and can also make it seem a lot smaller than it really is. Since you're downsizing, consider hiring a storage unit to store some of your stuff as it might not fit in your new home anyway. You also want to put away all your toys, family photos, refrigerator art, and other highly personal items. This will make it easier for buyers to envision themselves in your home. 


Make Use of a Drone

Drones are one of the most important inventions in the last few decades, serving a wide variety of purposes across different industries. In real estate marketing, drones are a game-changer. The types of videos and pictures you can capture using a $500 consumer drone today would have required a helicopter or plane 10 years ago. With a drone, you can capture high quality and detailed videos of your home from every possible angle and use them to find prospective buyers. However, you'll need to follow various rules when using a drone. For example, make sure you are allowed to fly your drone in your area to avoid getting into legal trouble. 

Virtual Reality

Your buyer could be thousands of miles away, unable to inspect your home physically. Luckily, you can now use virtual reality to enable potential buyers to view your home remotely using a VR headset. The buyer can view every part of the home as if they were standing in it, allowing them to make faster purchase decisions.  The amount of time it takes to sell your home will largely depend on the marketing tactics you employ. By using clever marketing tricks like home staging, using drones, or VR-aided remote home showings, you can reduce the time it takes to find a buyer significantly, allowing you to follow through on your downsizing plans.   
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