Lucy Reid on Selling with MaxSold when Rightsizing / Downsizing a Church

Ready to Sell with MaxSold? Learn more about the selling process.

Ready to Sell with MaxSold? Learn more about the selling process.

My name's Lucy Reid. I'm the Incumbent Priest here, at the Anglican Church of St. Aidan. I'm part of a leadership team. Together, we provide all kinds of services and programs for the community of the beach.

One of my church wardens knew of MaxSold. He had a personal friendship with a family member and told us how it works and what it could do for us in our situation we were heading into. So, we checked it out.

It seemed to be a really good fit for what we needed and we went ahead with that. We are downsizing and selling the hall which will become a school, and we needed, therefore, to clear out a lot of accumulated stuff.

People often donate items they no longer need to churches and we had taken onboard just a lot of surplus. Furnishings and children's toys and books and so forth. So, we needed to deal with that and MaxSold explained how their auction process works, gathering things into groups or lots and it made a lot of sense to do it that way.

What we'll do with the proceeds of the auction, what we, in fact, have done, is to plow them into our budget for our renovation so the building that we are retaining, which is quite elderly and needs an enormous amount of work, is gonna benefit from the funds that we were able to raise from the auction.

We had an enormous amount of volume but MaxSold showed us how to group it together, take pictures of it, it went up onto the site, and then the day that people were to come and pick things up, it was so well-managed. A team of volunteers from the church were trained into what to do when people arrived, and then when people did begin to arrive to pick up the items they had bought, everything was very, very smooth. And we saw people carrying our treasures away, which were now their treasures, and at the end of the day, we just stood and looked around and thought, wow, everything's gone and we have some funds to put towards the renovation. It was just wonderful how smooth it went.

When I look at other ways that we raised funds and in the past, it's been the typical things churches do.

Bake sales, fundraising events, concerts and so on, and that involves a lot of people, time, and little bits of money.

This was all on one day and we didn't have to handle the money coming in and checking all that. That was done for us. And at the end, we just were presented with the check which was the net result. So, it couldn't have been smoother and simpler that way.

I would absolutely 100% recommend MaxSold to other charities simply because they make a complicated process simple and I think many of us are faced with a situation which can be overwhelming.

I've already told my colleagues, if you ever need to do this, go for it. I'm just happy to say this answers complicated questions in a really simple, rewarding way.

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