Seller Experiences with MaxSold

Seller Experience - David and Grace Downsizing (a touching story of their downsize)


Seller Experience - Large Volume of Items (20 Rooms Bed & Breakfast)


Seller Experience - Specialized Items (with made the news with MaxSold's PR efforts!)


Seller Experience - Small Volume of Items (with a super grateful seller!)

- "As a senior and widow, trying to re-organize and downsize from a large home to a small apartment without help was quite a mental task. MaxSold with their team gave me the help I needed to get all my things sold that I could not fit in a smaller place as well as make me feel that they cared and went the extra mile to help me. Thank you so much to all the MaxSold team." - Carol Coles

Even things sent to Consignment, Estate Buy Out, Resellers or Donation end up with MaxSold...

Seller Experience - Jed Gardner Estate Buy Out Company


Seller Experience - Consignment


Seller Experience - Craig on Reselling


Seller Experience - Patrick and Clayton @ Adventure Gallery Finds


Seller Experience - Church Right Sizing / Downsizing


Seller Experience - Church Fundraising


What happens to the items? Hear from our Buyers...

Buyer Experience - David's Table


Buyer Experience - Kat Instagramer


Buyer Experience - Erin


Buyer Experience - Marni


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