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Shipping Logistics

Only certain items are eligible.

Eligible items for shipping are noted in their lot descriptions. Only items that have been designated for shipping are eligible for this service, no other items will be allowed at this time.

Request shipping through an email link.

The link will be sent to all buyers of eligible lots after the auction closes. The deadline to request shipping is at 11:59 AM the day before the pickup. Any requests for shipping after the deadline will not be processed, and the buyer will be responsible for picking up the item.

MaxSold uses the Canada Post flat rate shipping packages.

The shipping cost will be in the item description:

small box = $20

medium box = $25

large box = $30

MaxSold charges an additional $5 handling fee.

By requesting shipping, you are agreeing to pay the shipping costs after the auction closes.

The shipping and handling fees will be added to your invoice post-auction once you’ve confirmed your shipping address using the link provided.

You forfeit the right to inspect and return the lot.

Due to removing the lot from the property, you accept the as-is condition and forfeit the right to return the lot if it is not to your satisfaction.

A signature will be required on lots over $300.

This is in accordance with MaxSold’s on-site identification policy.

We are not shipping outside of Canada at this time.

We do Downsizing and Estate Sales.

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