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Storage Auctions

Are you a storage facility looking for superior alternatives to dealing with your defaulted lockers?

MaxSold delivers the proven convenience, security and conversion of defaulted lockers into cash.

-Meet the necessary tests of selling by "Public Auction"- with an arms length solution that makes it easier and more convenient for more bidders to participate. Our process is entirely transparent so there is an abundance of evidence that the process was thoroughly and appropriately done.

-Sell your defaulted lockers without any pre-handling since there will be no physical crowds to accommodate.

-Generate more income since our process already taps into thousands of local buyers.

-Your facilities will be exposed to more actual new local residents due to our large and growing following of bidders in this area.

-Money is collected easily without any stress on your staff or day to day operations.

-Checkout is smooth and efficient. Pickup is the same as your current process.

-No messy intimidation or potential for negative interactions with unfriendly live bidders.

-Better managed security since there will be many fewer people on site.

We do Downsizing and Estate Sales.

Discover the many benefits of our auctions.

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