Susan's Story

Why Susan's Story Should Be Told

At MaxSold, we help hundreds of clients clear their home and Susan's Story is an excellent example. We appreciate all of our clients and are glad that we can help them through an often difficult, stressful time.

One of our clients, Susan had a particularly trying time. As her spinal condition took a turn for the worse, she realized she could no longer live in the large home she was living in. On top of it all she had inherited her parents estate and all its contents along with it. She took SIX months to research and interview 15-20 companies for her downsizing sale (which included the sale of items from her mother's estate - a 40-year collection from around the world).

MaxSold was able to be the help that Susan needed. Unlike other companies Susan had considered we didn't require that she ship any items to us. We came to her, photographed, cataloged, marketed extensively, oversaw preview, SOLD, and managed the pickup. We took care of everything. That allowed Susan to finally have some peace of mind to focus on her move and more importantly her health.

Hear more of Susan's Story by watching the interview here.

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