Time to Downsize?

Time to downsize? What Changes Can Improve Your Home’s Saleability?

Small changes sometimes beat costlier ones when it comes to home renovations and resale quality, as stated by the National Association of Estate Agent’s Mark Hayward. For instance, turning a double bedroom and a single into a bigger double bedroom may work well for you but affect your home’s appeal to a family needing an additional room for a young child. If you are downsizing, you naturally want to sell your home at the best price possible. Sometimes, investing in small improvements is a winning option. However, you should do so in a strategic manner, without making more changes than necessary.

Tidiness Rules

As stated by author Tamara Myles in her book, The Secret to Peak Productivity, clutter and physical disorganization have a powerful effect on the psyche, provoking stress and making it very difficult to keep the mind ‘in the moment.’ When you are showing your house, all outdoor and indoor spaces should be tidy and clean. Potential buyers should be able to enter your living room and imagine themselves living there, and busy or messy spaces will instantly create the wrong first impression. Spots and stains are another no-no. Even difficult to remove items such as latex stains can be eliminated from carpets with a simple soap-and-water solution. You can find a wealth of advice on how to remove practically any stain from furnishings and flooring, so invest at least a few minutes doing so.

Work on Your Landscaping

World events have shown that people may need to spend more time in their homes than originally planned and outside time in the garden is a wonderful way to enjoy a greater sense of peace and calm in stressful times. People visiting your home will therefore want to see a beautiful garden with carefully manicured grass, a variety of colorful flowering plants, and rest areas such as a bench or gazebo where they can imagine themselves spending time and unwinding.

Replace a Few Key Items of Furniture

You evidently won’t get into a major kitchen refurbishment unless you are selling a high-end home but there are probably a couple of items in your home that are looking a bit worse-for-wear. Think an old sofa, faded curtains, damaged chairs, or a scratched entrance hall table. If it is within your budget, replace items that may be standing in the way of the overall beauty of common areas. In bedrooms, items such as scratched headboards can be replaced at a very small expenditure.

Investing in Repairs and Professional Cleaning

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make crucial repairs that can make your home look newer. These include replacing a damaged floorboard, changing a few cracked tiles, or removing mold from areas such as garages and basements. You may need a little help to get rid of mold if you don’t have a water pressure cleaner, but the polished look at the end of the process will show you how worth a professional clean can be.

When selling a home, improving saleability can range from major renovation to a simple deep clean. As a whole, your home should be tidy and fixtures should look as new as possible. Invest in a couple of changes that have probably been bothering you for some time - including cracked, stained, and faded items.

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