Tips for Organized Buying on MaxSold Auctions

I normally spend time helping people downsize and sell their items by auction with MaxSold. However, people do need and want stuff, despite wanting to have a clutter-free lifestyle. They want to purchase quality goods yet reduce spending – and they might be worried about the looming climate crisis too. Those are a lot of things to think about when shopping. But there is a solution… buying second-hand merchandise through MaxSold!

Pre-owned goods are often up to 50% less expensive than buying brand new alternatives. Sometimes they cost only 10% of what a new item would sell for. In addition, buying used is one of the most environmentally friendly choices you can make (no new resources used, no packaging). To top it off, you are helping people in your local economy. They have something to sell and you are supporting those people (not a big, nameless corporation) by buying it. We must be careful though because aimless shopping can lead to an overstuffed household. Here are our best tips for taking advantage of the deals with MaxSold Auctions while still staying organized and on budget. Decide what items you really need. Are you looking for a dining room suite? Maybe you want to add to your antique radio collection. Whatever you're looking for, keep your search as specific as possible. If you have to bid on a "lot" to get one thing that you really want, plan what you will do with the items you don't need.

Do some research. Look carefully at the pictures provided and read the descriptions. This information will tell you what you need to know about the condition of the goods.

Define your limitations. Do you have the ability or budget to repair items if they are damaged? Often you can get a great deal if you are willing and able to do some minor repairs yourself. If you don't think you can do the job, take a pass and wait for the next auction.

Determine your budget. How much are you willing to spend on the items? Auctions can get competitive especially around closing. If you feel you might bid beyond your budget, have a friend sit with you and remind you of your maximum amount or register a ‘Maximum Bid’ and walk away, so you are not enticed to bid ‘just one more time’…

Don't bid if you're not 100% sure. You might think that a low bid will "start things off" but what if no one else bids and you are stuck with it? You end up with clutter you don't need or want (albeit the low price). Only bid on what you are willing to take home with you.

There are tons of treasures available at MaxSold Auctions. Keep in mind our tips and you will save time and money yet still have the pieces that you need and will enjoy for years to come.

Linda Chu Principal & Founder
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