Top Five Things from Commercial Sales that you Wouldn’t Believe can be Sold

Top Five - Commercial Sales

It's the end of the year so it's time for a plethora of top 5 lists, and MaxSold will not disappoint!

This week we're exploring the top earners from our commercial sales. We have been helping business.

5. Cooling Racks, $1,050

Commercial Sales

Starting off the list is some nice and shiny cooling racks at a steal at $1050! A start-up business can really benefit from scouring our site whenever we have a business liquidation sale!

4. Pallet Racks, $1,100

Commercial Sales

Five sections of pallet racking. Each section is 101 in x approx 15+ ft high x 42 in deep. This is largest item we have sold at MaxSold!

3. Zoltar the Fortune Teller, $1,750

I wonder if Zoltar predicted that he would come third in this list. After years at Fort Henry, a national historic site in Canada, Zoltar has gone to his new home where he can be appreciated.

2. Metal Giraffe $2,150

Commercial Sales

Life-sized recycled steel Giraffe sculpture!! Treated with UV-resistant exterior finish. I wonder what the buyer did with it. It would make a great yard ornament, but may make the neighbors do a double-take.

1. Ice rink, $6,300

Commercial Sales

At number one is another big seller from Fort Henry! These Dove Tail synthetic ice panels have earned the top spot for our commercial sales.

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