Trunks: Thinking Outside Of The Box Tips #2

I’m sure we have got a few readers out there who are super creative, imaginative, DIY, re-vamping, savants, but if by chance you’re not then keep an eye out for our tips! When buying used, there is more to an item than what meets the eye. I don't know what it is about old trunks but MaxSold sellers can't get rid of them fast enough. We sell tons! They are a fantastic, versatile piece. Add a coat of paint, legs, glitter, cut up, add new life to an old trunk and make it your own.

Create a gorgeous side table blending rustic antique, with fresh and modern. Clean up a thrifted MaxSold trunk, tape off what you want to keep original, and paint the rest in your favourite colour. Attatch legs the four bottom cornors. Add accessories on top and taa-daa! A lovely custom side table.


Go for a total trunk makeover! Go light and bright, paint over the whole trunk in bold colours. This is a great idea for a child's toy chest. A great DIY for the whole family. Click here for the how to.


Go big or go home! Create a stunning vintage luggage dresser with MaxSold suitcases. This DIY is for the ambitious at heart, but the results are stunning. Start collecting thrifted luggage and trunks on MaxSold today, looks like you'll need a few!

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