Value Can Come In All Shapes and Sizes

We See The Value In Very Unexpected Things

It's heart breaking to hear when owners felt they had no option but to set their items on the curb to be picked up for free or worse...taken to the dump. *gasp* At MaxSold our staff and our bidders see the value in your items. We take pride in, and work hard to market your auction to an audience that will appreciate your goods. There are bidders out there who love what you have and we find them!

This chair is a perfect example of our marketing expertise. What this chair would go for was anyone's guess.

"I thought I would get $50 for it - it's very heavy and old." - Seller, MaxSold Philadelphia Online Auction Value - saddle bag chair This saddle bag chair SOLD FOR $2650 at Philadelphia MaxSold Downsizing Online Auction.

p.s. The client's daughter, who was nervously watching the sale from Arizona, called us right after the sale ended to sell her things through MaxSold!

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