What are MaxSold Always On auctions?

What if you don't have lots of items to sell but need the simplicity and finality of the MaxSold process (where MaxSold does all the marketing, collection of payments and have things gone within your time frame)?

Enter MaxSold Always On Auctions:

Step 1: You list a single (or multiple items) by
(a) Agreeing to our terms
(b) Uploading pictures/descriptions of the item(s)
(c) Selecting a pickup date/time/location location for each item

NOTE that MaxSold Always On Auction is being tested in Kingston, Ontario.

Step 2: MaxSold approves (or disapproves depending on the items)

Step 3: The item(s) appear on MaxSold Always On auctions for bidding!

Auction for the item(s) end, payment is processed by MaxSold, you are notified who the buyer(s) are and buyer(s) come to the specified date/time/location for the item(s) listed.

Don't want buyers coming to your place? Find the nearest MaxSold Always On partner to get it listed (at their commissions rates/terms) and it could get listed on MaxSold Always On. Some MaxSold Always On partners might even come to you to pickup the items!

Bid: Always On Auction in Kingston

Note closing times of the auctions are different, and pickup date/time/location varies by auction item.

Let us know what you think.

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