MaxSold Estate Sales and Downsizing Auctions: Winter Highlights from 2019

As 2019 came to a close, it  marked the end of another decade and another successful year for MaxSold!  From October to December 2019 MaxSold completed over 1,500 auctions across Canada and the United States helping families across North America to downsize in a eco-friendly way. Our bidders purchased furniture, home decor,  toys, household supplies, holiday decorations, and even crafting supplies all on MaxSold! With each purchase helping us move toward a more sustainable future!     

Mid-Century Modern Furniture has made a huge comeback in popularity over the past few years. This is leading to a surge of buying new MCM inspired pieces from big brand named stores. But why buy a piece of furniture with the MCM style, when you can purchase the genuine article? If you are looking for pieces to reflect your Mid-Century modern style, make sure to check out a MaxSold auction! Here are just a few pieces of Mid-Century modern furniture featured at the end of 2019...

 MCM Electrohom 701 Console Stereo, sold for $1,160. Designed by Gorden Duern in the 1960s.


Set of Six Teak Chairs Dining Chairs sold for $685


MCM Teak Queen Bed Frame With Drawers, sold for $586


MCM Teak Wall Lamp, sold for $310 as part of a MaxSold Estate Sale


MCM Leather and Wood Eames Style Lounge Chair and Footstool, sold for $412


Every month we see new MaxSold motors drive up into our auctions, classic sports cars, heavy duty trucks and every day cars! But we don't just help sell automobiles, scroll through to see what sold from October to December in MaxSold motors!

 2008 Toyota Hybrid Camry, sold for $5,250


2004 Automatic Nissan Titan, sold for $2,150

 Automatic 2004 Jaguar, sold for $5,000


Fourteen Foot Laser Sail Boat including trailer, sold for $1,331



2006 Car Trailer with Fold up Ramps, sold for $2,150


Did you know, playing an instrument helps to improve ones memory and relieves stress. In our estate sales we've seen all kinds of instruments, from classical to modern and everything in between!


An authentic six-string Greek Bousouki. Hand crafted by Kostas Remundos,  sold for $1,010


Vintage SML Alto Saxophone, sold for $660


Pearl Drum Forum Series, Five Drums and a Cowbell. Sold for $315


Hohner Accordion/ Electric Omnichord, sold for $637.77 in a Estate Sale Auction

What do kitchen appliances, home decor and bedroom furniture all have in common? They all come in large boxes often with irritating packaging that at times is difficult to dispose of! Luckily the winning buyers of the following items, were able to avoid the dreaded packaging and bought from MaxSold auctions!


GE Refrigerator, sold for $1,250.52 in a MaxSold Downsizing Auction

Bombay Canopy Queen Bed Frame, sold for $210


100% Wool Short Fringed Area Rug, sold for $3,000 in a MaxSold Downsizing Auction


Wooden Plant Stand, with Ceramic Vase and Real Sansavieria Plant. Sold for $287 in an Estate Sale


Antique John Benson Grandfather Clock, sold for $1,560


Pair of Totem Earth Elements Speakers, sold for $2,500



Tiffany Inspired Stained Glass Table Lamp, sold for $130


Brown Leather Sectional Sofa, sold for $330 in a MaxSold Auction


Crystal Wine Glasses and Serving Dishes, sold for $175


 Pair of Antique Chinese Foo Dogs, sold for $150 in a MaxSold Estate Sale



 Three pieces of Moorcroft Pottery, sold for $160 in a MaxSold Estate Sale


More often than not, sellers will be worried about the different or unique items they are looking to sell. Can I include this in my auction? Will people actually bid on this? The answer, yes people will bid on the unique and the items that are a little bit different! Check it out!


Over 50 lbs of Assorted Lego, including many Star Wars sets, sold for $445


White dinosaur head with hat and faux gold chains. Sold for $122 in a MaxSold Estate Sale

                'Sour Cat' sculpture By Nolan Windhotz, sold for $80 as part of a MaxSold Moving Auction


American Native Haida Wood Carved Totem Pole, sold for $531 on MaxSold

With over 1,500 auctions in the last months of 2019 you can imagine all the unique and rare items that were featured, here are just a few...          


Oil Painting in Stretched Canvas, Featuring a Street Scene at the Light of Dusk. Sold for $3,200 in a Downsizing Auction.


Porcelain Chinese Vase, Porcelain Lidded Incense Burner, Republic Period Chinese Statue, sold for $3,200


          Jade Lidded Incense Burner, sold for $860

Three Chinese Porcelain Vases, sold for $1,850

Chinese Famille Rose Enameled Bronze Covered Jar

Check back soon to see what was trending in January 2020!

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