COVID-19 Update from MaxSold - April 16, 2021

Wearing a mask/facial covering as well as keeping the minimum 2m/6ft distance from others is mandatory at all MaxSold pickups to stop the spread of COVID-19 and in compliance with Public Health guidelines.  If you refuse to protect yourself (and others), you will be refused service for the health and safety of everyone with no refund.

Before attending a MaxSold event, be sure to review this screening questionnaire for everyone’s health and safety considerations.

 Note: In MaxSold’s major areas of operation some public authorities are duty-bound to issue financial (and other) penalties for non-compliance.

Note: Refunds will be issued to all buyers impacted by a cancelled pickup due to COVID-19.  

MaxSold Continues To Operate With COVID Safety Protocols

To the partners, sellers, bidders, and communities we serve: MaxSold is continuing to operate with our revised pickup process (developed and field-tested with partner support) to ensure the safety of our communities while supporting sellers with transition deadlines. COVID-19 regulations continue to evolve based on local risk factors and public health guidelines. The evolving nature of the situation means that some pickup windows may need to be adjusted on short notice. Although we do not foresee any shutdown of services at this time, everyone should be aware of their local regulations and ensure that pickups are planned, scheduled, and executed with the appropriate safety measures in place including resourcing, timelines, and on-site behaviors that comply with these local regulations. Buyer and seller feedback on the process continues to give us confidence that we can continue to safely operate.   The three key elements for safe operation during COVID-19 are as follows: 

(1) After auction closing, winning bidders will sign-up for a specific pickup time-slot (see Invoice) within the published pickup window to:

(a)  Enable sellers to prepare for buyer arrivals and support quick removal of lots; and

(b)  Support social distancing and greatly reduce wait times.

(2) Time-slots are on a first come first serve basis. Those who do not select a pickup time will be automatically scheduled for one by our scheduling system,  within 24 hours of auction closing. Buyers that arrive outside their scheduled time on pickup day will have to wait for an empty time before being granted safe access to their purchases.

(3) Everyone from partners, team members, buyers (and their helpers), and sellers are required to wear a facial covering/mask and stay 2 metres/6 feet apart while on location (including during cataloging).

Partner and Seller Managed, as well as MaxSold Managed, auctions continue in all regions as regulations permit. Seller Managed Sellers are  required to complete a short, COVID-related training session to ensure safety at pickup.

Stay tuned for future updates or visit our COVID-19 FAQ’s. Thank you for your continued support and attention on this matter. 

Stay safe.

  As an additional commitment to our communities, we recognize that many charitable fundraising efforts have been cancelled due to COVID-19 including golf matches, runs, bikes, social events, etc. In response, MaxSold has launched a 0% commission model for any charity looking to conduct a fundraising sale at this time.       MaxSold Training and Education | MaxSold in the News

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