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Giving has never been so rewarding

Send us a referral and we'll reward you with $50. Even better, we'll give your referral $100 OFF our service.

Sale must be completed by December 31st, 2021. Limited to 400 clients - first come, first serve.



$50 CASH

For every referral that signs up and completes a MaxSold Auction.



$100 OFF

Every person referred will recieve
$100 OFF our service when signing up and completing an auction.

Giving your code to someone? It's the first two letters of your last name and the last four digits of your phone number. Eg. Code for John Smith 230-555-2231 will be "SM2231"

Have a referral that exceeds $8000? Referrer gets 8x more: $400. Have a sale that exceeds $15,000? Referrer gets a whopping $800 referral fee! (Seller still gets the $100 discount)

To ensure there is no misunderstanding between us, there are a few terms and conditions. Sale must be completed by December 31st, 2021. Limited to 400 clients - first come, first serve. We encourage you to share the Seller Referral Code to your social networks, but it cannot be posted on any of MaxSold's social media channels or MaxSold's review sites. If you do, we will have to deactivate your unique Seller Referral Code and any existing referrals owed will not be paid. Although we want you to refer us to everyone, each participating referred person is only eligible for one discount in this promotion and cannot combine this discount with other promotional or referral programs we offer from time-to-time. But, you, as the holder of the unique Seller Referral Code, can earn your part of the discount for anyone who has not had previous repeating sales. The discount can not be applied against an auction in progress, a completed auction, or an existing contract for a future auction. Ensure you mention to your referred network that they need to enter the Seller Referral Code at the time of signing up for their auction. To be eligible, the referred person has to be in good standing with us. We have the right to change or cancel the promotion at any time. We will pay your referral fee within two weeks of the auction pick-up date. Your referred person will see their discount on their auction chattel report. Sale has to amount to at least $1000.
Referral must come from an existing seller, buyer, non-office team member or MaxSold professional partner at the time of referral.
You can not refer yourself.

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