Professional Partner Experience

MaxSold loves partnering with move managers and organizing professionals. As a move manager or professional organizer, you can utilize MaxSold to give your clients a sale of goods solution that will help to clear out the items your clients no longer need or want. Want to learn more about the experience working with MaxSold? Hear from move managers and professional organizers across North America and their experience using MaxSold.    

Home Suite Home Transitions

Organize Your Space: Cori-Lynn

Klarify Co.:Klara Carames

Organized Haven: Nicole Ramer

Lifecycle Pro: Jason Suderman

Enuff with the Stuff: Maria White

Tranquil Transitions: Annette Rion

A Sharp Space: Anne Sharp

Glorious Day: Shana Bouncier

Estate Organizing Specialists

Get Organized with Bridges & Co.: Bridges Conner

Simply Home Downsizing

"The MaxSold experience has been absolutely amazing. If our clients have to sell the majority of items in their home, MaxSold is the only option for us," Pauline Duhart

Sensational Organizing

"It has been great working with MaxSold. MaxSold allows me to help my clients part with things in a feel good way," Elva Fonseca

The Clutter King

"It's really an amazing experience. I definitely advocate MaxSold to everyone I talk to that could benefit from your service," Justin Mazurkewicz

Downsizing Diva

"Getting rid of stuff is the hardest part of our job and the biggest part of our job. MaxSold has given us the answer," Gail Shields

Trustworthy Transitions

"We love MaxSold. I was just singing your praises today with a new client," Gay Douglas

The Next Step Forward

"MaxSold helps so much because people that use MaxSold are buying things that they want, so it's going to a home where they're going to find love again," Clare Platt

Home Again Transitions

"Getting top dollar is not our goal. Our goal is to get rid of it, not pay somebody to take it and give it another life, so MaxSold is a great resource," David Feldman

New Leaf Concierge

"The benefit of MaxSold is its timeliness. You allow the client to sell pretty much anything, and it's inclusive," Sara Saunders

Someday Organizing

"The customer service has been excellent. They've provided all of the necessary tools and support that makes me, as an organizer look good," Sandy Jones

Senior Move Masters

"We were very happy with MaxSold's services, their follow through, the professionalism. We achieved exactly what we wanted to," Linda Diller

Free Your Space Organizing

"The MaxSold business model is a real alternative for people looking to dissolve an estate or get rid of their stuff," Kathrin Shenk

Smooth Transitions

"I've actually made the decision to not even offer on-site estate sales anymore, because I prefer MaxSold. It's easier," Robin Abb

Organizing Concepts and Designs

"The MaxSold model really compliments my business. We consider MaxSold a great partner, each and every time our clients have gotten exactly what you said they would get," Dina Newman

Organized Transitions LLC

"MaxSold has been wonderful, I wish I met you way earlier. Whether it's downsizing for a senior, closing out an estate, I tell my clients, let's go to MaxSold," Elaine Fernando

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