Why MaxSold Asks for Your Credit Card

Why we ask for your credit card if it costs nothing to register and bid on MaxSold?

Your bid is a commitment to purchase the lot if you win the auction and your credit card will be charged accordingly right after the auction ends. To protect the integrity of your auction from another bidder running up prices only to renege later on payment, we require all bidders to provide their credit card details up front. With MaxSold you know that only real bidders are participating and the auction is fair.

What exactly are you charged?

Winning bids are charged to the credit card on file right AFTER each auction ends, along with 15% buyer's premium and the applicable retail sales tax for your region.

What's the deal with authorization?

The first time you bid at any of our auctions, your card will be pre-authorized for $1.00. However, it is only a bank authorization for validation, not a charge, and it is usually removed in about a week by your bank.

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